A draft I never posted…

A few weeks have gone by since I last sat down to con­tem­plate and put to the web what has been slip­ping by too quickly. Before spring break Marcela Godoy and Aiwen Wang-Huddleston helped me by mak­ing cus­tom made wind tur­bines that they made with paper and dust mask. Cur­rently I am look­ing at scal­ing the design up and build­ing one of my own that takes into account the types that they devel­oped while try­ing to keep in theme with the design intent/vision. Unfor­tu­nately I had to wipe my com­puter clean and lost the images I had taken of the forms they had gen­er­ated. Here are few things that deal with wind that are inspirational.

She Changes

Art Park in the west end of Melbourne

Dou­ble O from the MoMa exhibit called: On Line

Wind Belt or this Wind­belt Cheap Gen­er­a­tor Alter­na­tive link. 10 times cheaper wind energy